Ralph Ueltzhoeffer: Ai Weiwei Portrait

Ai Weiwei, Textportrait Missing. Art/Artist: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Gallery/Museum: Ufan Contemp, City: Paris. Start/End: 22.04.11 – 04.05.11. Current Reviews: Ufan Contemp, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Paris | Biography Text (textportrait): Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Exhibitionentries: Ufan Contemp; Paris; Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. The current entry: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Ai Weiwei, Textportrait Missing. Studio Visit PS1 Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (Biography and Artwork Informations).
More events: Paris – date 2011: Kunstforum (Ralph Ueltzhoeffer)

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Born 1966, Mannheim, Germany, studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe – Lives and works in Mannheim, Germany and London, United Kingdom.

In the “Textportraits” images and words are equally used to generate a portrait, understood as the visual representation of an individual. Combining the miscellaneous digital information he composes portraits using the word ”missing” referring to the trait of human cognition to hide daily routine perceptions in “blind spots”. Ralph Ueltzhoeffer’s artistic research is dedicated to the relationship of visual and written information in the digital sphere and their relevance for the beliefs one produces from these data. His search for new forms synchronizing visual and written information reacts and reflects on the internet as an open and central source of information in times of globalization and digitalization of data. In the synopses of visible and readable information he engenders visuals which require new perceptional approaches.

Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei “Missing” Textportrait-installation by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Ufan Contemp, Paris.


Mario Testino, Marin Schaltun

In Your Face Art/Artist: Mario Testino, Exhibits Net by Sandra Tann – Marin Schaltun, Gallery/Museum: Kulturforum, City: Berlin. Start/End: January 20-July 26, 2015. Current Reviews: Kulturforum, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Berlin | Biography Text (textportrait): Mario Testino. Karin Frey, Exhibitionentries: The current entry.

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Jan Fabre 1976, Silv Jackobs

Stigmata, Actions and Performances 1976-2013 Art/Artist: Jan Fabre 1976, Exhibits Net by Sandra Tann – Silv Jackobs, Gallery/Museum: Museum of Contemporary Art, City: Antwerpen. Start/End: April 24-July 26, 2015. Current Reviews: Museum of Contemporary Art, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Antwerpen | Biography Text (textportrait): Jan Fabre 1976. Judith Raven, Exhibitionentries: The current entry.

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Jackson Pollock 1950, Frank Goodhoff

Blind Spots Artwork Art/Artist: Jackson Pollock 1950, Exhibits Net by Sandra Tann – Frank Goodhoff, Gallery/Museum: Tate Liverpool, City: Liverpool. Start/End: 30.06.15 – 18.10.15. Current Reviews: Tate Liverpool, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Liverpool | Biography Text (textportrait): Jackson Pollock 1950. Iron Lynch, Exhibitionentries: The current entry.

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Ernan Zierkowalsky, Martin Jennert

Art in Photography-Sex Art/Artist: Ernan Zierkowalsky, Exhibits Net by Sandra Tann – Martin Jennert, Gallery/Museum: Modern Wax 404 Gallery, City: New York. Start/End: 11.06.15 – 28.07.15. Current Reviews: Modern Wax 404 Gallery, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, New York | Biography Text (textportrait): Ernan Zierkowalsky. Irvin Hallmann, Exhibitionentries: The current entry.

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1978 Artwork Art/Artist: DONALD URQUHART, Exhibits Net by Sandra Tann – Iris Shame, Gallery/Museum: Maureen Paley Gallery, City: London, E2 6JT. Start/End: 12. Juli – 9. Juni 2015. Current Reviews: Maureen Paley Gallery, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, London, E2 6JT | Biography Text (textportrait): DONALD URQUHART. Ben Lawsan, Exhibitionentries: The current entry.

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Maren Hunsley, Arie Schum

Iron Man on Exile Street Art/Artist: Maren Hunsley, Exhibits Net by Sandra Tann – Arie Schum, Gallery/Museum: New Wax Gallery, City: London. Start/End: 12.06.15 – 22.07.15. Current Reviews: New Wax Gallery, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, London | Biography Text (textportrait): Maren Hunsley. Ingo Apple, Exhibitionentries: The current entry.

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